The Oceania Australia Foundation in partnership with the Organisation of Sports Federations of Oceania (OSFO) recognised that there was a gap in athlete preparation that was causing health issues for athletes, particularly when they were injured or retired. Athletes, having focused on medal goals were unable to change focus and thinking and this was resulting in a rise in mental illness. The journal was created to help build resilient thinking and to enable athletes to prepare for life after sport and any other change they may face when things don’t go to plan.

In 2012 a diary was created for the Oceania athletes and given to them at the London Olympic Games. This diary contained content aimed at improving organisation and focus. In 2013 the Oceania Australia Foundation, OSFO and the Oceania Athlete’s Commission began discussions about how to create a journal that could improve wellbeing.

It was acknowledged that all athletes needed to have a focus on building their mental fitness in addition to their physical fitness, as this was essential to maximising success. Our journey led us to positive psychology expert Sherri Fisher, who shared her POS-EDGE model and how it could be used to create a step by step approach to building wellbeing. The result, a 52 week bite sized approach to building resilience and wellbeing.

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